Rovaniemi in Finnish Lapland is the hometown of Santa Claus

Lapland is famous as the home of Santa Claus. It is a dream destination of every child and adult. The magic of this place attracts travellers from every corner of the earth. Pristine forests combined with fresh air makes this place a cradle of Finnish beauty.

All the preparations for the coming Christmas are already place!

It is full winter up here, but in Santa Claus Office within the Arctic Circle it is far from freezing. The cheerful pre-Christmas hustle and bustle keeps Santa’s helpers dashing about - seemingly never catching up, but like every Christmas eventually they will.

Do you wish to have Finnish Santa Claus visiting your hometown?

Lapin Satumaa Ltd. is a family-owned company from Rovaniemi, Lapland. We have a long experience in the field of Christmas production services.

Santa Claus lives in the Finnish Lapland as everybody knows.

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